Saturday, April 21, 2007

More California Pics!

This is the theater where all the movie premiers take place.

The Kodak Theater where the Oscars are held!

Rodeo Drive! Schwanky!

Walking through Rodeo Drive pretending to have money...
The frikin sweet car!

I thought this sign was funny!

The famous walk of the stars!

Another one...

Trip to Cali!!!

Hi all! So I figure I might as well post since I haven't in months! It's hard to post when you have facebook and myspace! They take up an UNFORTUNATE amount of time! :0) Well, I just got back from California two days ago and it was SO GREAT! I went to a conference called REVIVAL! It was with some of my heroes of the Christian faith and I thought it was FANTASTIC! So here are some pics...

At the airport when we first got there!

First time in the Pacific Ocean!

Jennifer, Gina, and I at the ocean... First day in Cali

Best friends!! Jennifer and Gina...

The beach, the homes, the tress, the kites... ahhhhh...

Carol looking enjoying the ocean...

Beverly Hills 90210!

At the famous Santa Monica Blvd. and Rodeo drive intersection...

Jennifer and I shopping Rodeo Dr... Alright, pretending to be shopping...

(bottom) Me in front of these flowers that were ALL OVER California! They are so beautiful!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I hope the Holydays were awesome for everyone! My Christmas was awesome! I got to enjoy the wedding of my great friends, enjoy family and friends, and eat food until my stomach burst and had to get an operation to resize it... Ok, so no operation, but we sure ate a lot! So I finally can update my blog with pictures! I got a digital camera for Christmas and I love it! I've been playing around with it for the past two days. I think everyone I know is going to be REALLY sick of me taking pictures pretty soon... :) Well, I'll post some holiday pics and I'll try and update more frequently! Cheers!

Our dinner table... Before we destroyed it with our mad eating skills...

Me and Alicia before she left back home for Monkeytown. I love her! I think Cape Breton is calling her and Winston's name!!

Dad, Justin, and Nanny! Justin playing Dad's wooden Sax that he got for Christmas! Notice his fancy new hat too! Sharp!

Mom and Papa K... Mom is sporting her nice new necklace, and Papa, his new hat!

The Shushan Crew being entertained by Rick MAKING poor little Elliot dance... HAHA

I'll put more pics on later!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Hi All!!

I'm so excited because a bunch of Cape Bretoners are coming up to Nashville!! WOOHOO! Six of my best friends are coming: Eric "Just call me Bono" and Mary "Check out my mean dancing skills" Whyte, Josh "I can hit trees with rocks" and Charisse "I love African butt dances" Carabin, Alisha "Deer are my friends" Carabin, and Scott "Alleluuuia" MacLeod... Unfortunately Leigh-Anne "My hair is always amazing" soon to be MacLeod can't make it, which SUCKS! :( 10 or so other folks are coming too! I am PUMPED! It's going to be an amazing time to be able to take them around and show them where my life has been for the past couple a months! I love Nashville! :) Well, I thought that that exciting news was blog worthy... haha So If anyone else wants to come up, you can! :) I know, it's a long shot. Cass, I am also afraid to update. Whenever you up date and say that it's a good move, then I'll follow. So I will look for whatever pictures I can find because I know that's the most exciting thing about these blogs. Although they will be from a while ago! I love all y'all and comment so I can have something to read when I am procrastinating! xoxo

Devon and Jane MacDonald and Me and Momma Mercer out for lunch!! (Sorry again, this was a while ago, but it's the only pic I have!)

Thats it folks! CHEERS!!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

word up

Hey all! I'm updating again, but I have no pics this time. My favorite thing is looking at people's pics, but ahh well... :) So I'm still hanging out in Nashville and I love it! I think I'm staying here until December until a Bill Johnson conference that is happening at my church here (Grace Center... it's the most amazing church EVER!!). You should check out this guy's church (Bill Johnson's). That's the website. Read some of the testamony's. It's awesome. This is how cool God is... I needed snow tires to stay here (because if I didn't have them, I would have to drive home now before the snow came to Canada) and then a guy here said, "Find out how much snow tires are because we will try to get you some." Is that not amazing! God is so good and we CAN cling to the promises that He will take care of us no matter how crazy the situation looks or how much we "think" God didn't come through for us! He is so awesome! :) If any of you have myspace, look me up. Alright, that's all I have for now. God is awesome and He is taking amazingly good care of me and I love being under HIS provision because it is so sweet! CHeers and blessings folks!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Hey-o Amigo's!

Hey All!

Ok, I know it's been like 6 months since I updated, but I decided to get back into it since I've been EX-cluded from Sarah's blog links... haha That did it for be. I just can't be on her bad side. Well, an update... I am in NAshville. I originally came up for Amber and Dustin's wedding (two friends of mine from Nashville who worked at Shushan this summer) with Alisha Carabin and Ashley Whitty. It was AMAZING with them! We had such a good time. Ash, Alisha, and I went to the grand ole opry, the opry land hotel, ash saw faith hill, Alisha saw Nelly, I saw... no one... haha. Me and Alisha also managed to hit a deer and get a fender bender with a sweet girl who just got her lisence... it was a nice way to welcome her into the driving world. Thank God that both were paid for (the deer by insurance and the girl hit by her father), cause we woulda been SCA-rewed. Me and Alisha pretty much laughed for 2 hours at midnight as we were calling the cops to come get the deer and convince him we didn't just come home from a crazy party! haha HE was really nice though, so again... thank God! :) Alisha and Ash have since gone home and I have almost been here for a month alone. It's been quite the journey. I have been to MANY people's houses, I've been BAPTIZED (!!!!!) in a freezing cold outdoor hot tub with Peggy Fitz, a woman named Vange and her 9 kids and Amb and Dus! haha It was quite a baptism! I have it video taped... my face when I come out of the water is pretty funny cause it was sooo cold. I asked Peggy to show me some scripture about baptism and that night I wanted to be baptised! I didn't even realize what it really meant before that! So the next day we called some people over and I was baptized... right in her back yard! It was awesome. Hmmm other things... I've been going to a church here, it's called Grace Center and iT's amazing! I loooooove Gavin Degraw and the guy who leads worship and his band, sound JUST LIKE HIM! It is AMAZING! haha Gavin Degraw, worship style. Hmmm... This is getting long, so I WILLL update later on and update more on my life. I don't have many photo's cause I don't have a camera, but I do have some pics of my car cause the insurance guy took them and sent them to me! SO I will try and add them! Alrighty, cheers, blessings and LOVE!!!!! xoxo

This is me as the insurance dude was checking the car... weird face I have goin on, but it's the only pics I have! This was taken for my dad, so when I sent him the pics, he could see his lovely daughter he misses so much... and who smashed his car... with a deer... haha

This picture doesn't even look like there is really anything wrong, but the girl hit the back side of the car and shifted the bumper, so I couldn't even open the trunk. It doesn't look like much, but it sure cost a lot!

This is the look of the car after the deer... It hit the front corner of the car and flipped over it! Our hearts were pounding SOME fast! haha It was one crazy night... So we had tea and nacho's to calm our nerves... Alisha and Jacki and our crazy adventures... We should write a book.

PS... Congrats to AMBER AND DUSTIN!!!! They are adding baby homie g to their family! They found out Wednesday they are pregnant! soooo cool! Crazy... They were married 4 weeks ago and she's 4 weeks pregnant... hmmmm. haha They're AWESOME!!! :) Amazing friends.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

More Pics!!

Here's some more pics!!!

The 5 girls... :)

We had quite the photo OP!!! haha Poor Joey... We are so demanding...

Here is some cool sunset pics from the drive up... It was SOOO beautiful! God is so creative. Maybe they look better as a big pic cause it was really breathtaking.

I can see a face in the clouds in this pic. It was soo crazy to see! So I tried to get a good pic of it. It's right in the middle. My mom can see it! haha

This is a cool spot in CB by Little Narrows. The trees were just growing out of the water. Really cool!

I also got to see Alicia, Winston, Leanne, and Eric! It was good to see them. I also got to meet their new addition, Mundo. He's so cute! JUST KIDDING! I know it's a girl! haha It's a tiny little kitten! :) Alrighty folks... cheers!

Monday, May 15, 2006

It's been a while since my last entry, surprise, surprise!! :) Well I just got back from Sackvegas (Mt. A for those folk who don't know where sackville is). It was Convocation weekend so it was fun celebrating with all my graduating friends! Gemster was one of them and she's the only one that checks my blog out of those ppl, so congrats Gem! I just so pwoud of you... Hody Fwig... haha Anyways, the weekend was amazing weather and it made me SOOOOO excited for summer! Like playing Frisbee barefeet in the grass and walking down the street in a flowy skirt, a tank top and barefoot!!! AHHH it was so nice! I hear we're having a dry, hot summer in the Cape, so that's gonna be awesome! My brosef (I think that's a Josh C. term...haha) was also home this weekend (That's Ian!!) and it was great to see him, even if it was only for 10 mins! But he just came back home yesterday for a week or two, so now the visit will be longer! :) I'm gonna put some pics from the weekend and also from Ians' last visit down with Jodi and Dante. I hope everyone is having and awesome week!!! Drop me a line! xoxo

Dante in the bath tub! He's soooo cute!!

Dante all clean and dry...

Jacqui, Me, Lanns, and Beth after our Silver Lake dip... It was CHILLY!! We ran in and out in 20 seconds! haha

This is after playing frisbee and camp games! haha We had a fun picnic at the Swan pond! Sooo nice and sunny!! :)