Tuesday, May 16, 2006

More Pics!!

Here's some more pics!!!

The 5 girls... :)

We had quite the photo OP!!! haha Poor Joey... We are so demanding...

Here is some cool sunset pics from the drive up... It was SOOO beautiful! God is so creative. Maybe they look better as a big pic cause it was really breathtaking.

I can see a face in the clouds in this pic. It was soo crazy to see! So I tried to get a good pic of it. It's right in the middle. My mom can see it! haha

This is a cool spot in CB by Little Narrows. The trees were just growing out of the water. Really cool!

I also got to see Alicia, Winston, Leanne, and Eric! It was good to see them. I also got to meet their new addition, Mundo. He's so cute! JUST KIDDING! I know it's a girl! haha It's a tiny little kitten! :) Alrighty folks... cheers!

Monday, May 15, 2006

It's been a while since my last entry, surprise, surprise!! :) Well I just got back from Sackvegas (Mt. A for those folk who don't know where sackville is). It was Convocation weekend so it was fun celebrating with all my graduating friends! Gemster was one of them and she's the only one that checks my blog out of those ppl, so congrats Gem! I just so pwoud of you... Hody Fwig... haha Anyways, the weekend was amazing weather and it made me SOOOOO excited for summer! Like playing Frisbee barefeet in the grass and walking down the street in a flowy skirt, a tank top and barefoot!!! AHHH it was so nice! I hear we're having a dry, hot summer in the Cape, so that's gonna be awesome! My brosef (I think that's a Josh C. term...haha) was also home this weekend (That's Ian!!) and it was great to see him, even if it was only for 10 mins! But he just came back home yesterday for a week or two, so now the visit will be longer! :) I'm gonna put some pics from the weekend and also from Ians' last visit down with Jodi and Dante. I hope everyone is having and awesome week!!! Drop me a line! xoxo

Dante in the bath tub! He's soooo cute!!

Dante all clean and dry...

Jacqui, Me, Lanns, and Beth after our Silver Lake dip... It was CHILLY!! We ran in and out in 20 seconds! haha

This is after playing frisbee and camp games! haha We had a fun picnic at the Swan pond! Sooo nice and sunny!! :)