Saturday, February 25, 2006

Hi All!

Well I am jealous of Sarah's blogging skills and I wish that I could update as faithfully as her! :) I'm working on it! By the way Sarah and Jamin, the baby is BEAUTIFUL and I'm excited to meet her! Bring her home!

Well an update... It seems like so long ago that an update would take forever! haha So in summary form, I am still working at the old folks home (althought I am taking a sick day today... blah...) and it is very stretching. I really like it there and God's teaching me some cool things, especially about patience. I am also working at the YMCA still and babysitting. So I am definately being provided for! Lots of exciting things are going on in the ISCF's here. That's probably the coolest news! We have 5 ISCF's in the high schools' and there are kids that have ABSOLUTELY NO God background and are soo curious and excited to hear about a God who loves them and has greater things for their life than they could ever have for their own. It's also so awesome to be able to tell them that this God is one that loves them like a lover and not just some far off God, and that He is romancing them passionately like Soloman in the Song of Songs. These kids are just blown away by this and wonder why they never heard of it! So that's really cool and there is definately a crazy move of God here and it's so exciting to sit here and wait in complete anticipation for what God is going to do. HE'S FRIGGIN CRAZY BI!!! :)

Other than that, I am super excited for the summer, I am soooo pumped for the sunshine, shorts and SWIMMING! I've come to the conclusion that summer sports make me the most happy and I just can't get enough of them. There's something about swimming in the ocean or just water that is so refreahing and beautiful! So I'm waiting........ patiently....... :) Well I still don't have any new pics to put up cause I haven't taken any pics lately, but I will soon start and I will post them! I post some old ones now... And I will try to stay updated. :) Sarah, you are my inspiriation! haha I love you all! xoxo

The beautiful Amy Mac at Teen camp this summer! What a fun week and summer!!

Mt. A girls going out on the town for Jacqui Holmes birthday!! haha We look awesome girls!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

I am a hypocrite... :)

So, I am looking at everyones blog wondering when some people are ever going to update (ahem... susan and steve, leanne mac, etc...) and THEN I realized, I never update! haha So I thought it was about time... Well my job is going great. I love the old folks. I had a pretty bad attitude going in (I just wanted to be a free woman with no commitments!!), but then I was quickly shown that was not the way to be and I love it! I love the people and I love spending time with them, finding out their histories, getting marriage advice since apparently they think it's time for me to get married, and just loving the people that God loves so much... It's a whole new mentality, getting past selfishness and really loving people. I'm pretty bad at it actually! :) but I'm learning. Good thing God's patient. If he wasn't, he wouldn't like me very much! Valentines day was cool too, going on this mentality of loving others rather than wanting everyone to love me... It was a big lesson and I'm glad I got to begin learning it. So other than that, no major news... I'm not engaged or having a baby or buying a car. So nothing crazily exciting, except ALISHA IS COMING HOME TODAY! woohoo! I am really excited about that. It's also incredibly sunny and warm today which puts me in such a great mood! So if I see you and aggressively run and hug you, it's the suns fault... so don't get weirded out. :) well, since I'm babbling and ppl only really come on for the pictures, I'll put some on... haha I'll put some more from christmas and some summer ones so we can all get excited for the warmmm weather (since jack frost decided to take a vacation from Cape Breton this winter, we might as well get into the warm weather too!) I hope everyone is doing great, leave me a msg cause if I know ppl read these, I will post more... (that's just what I say to make you msg me... but I will try! Honestly!). Love you all!

Dave and Scotty at the Stivers...

Leigh-Anne being her usually hot self. H-O-T hot... ;)

Alisha and I surfing in the summer! :) ahhhhh summer...

Me and Matty on Scotty's sailboat... (I guess David's boat to be correct, but I think ol' MAc took it over)