Sunday, April 23, 2006

This is dedicated to two special MacLeod Ladies...

Well, This is two blogs in a few days, which is definately a record for me. I feel as though some people were left out of my personal pictures of me and ALLLLLLLLLLLLL my friends. I think that I am pretty awesome that people would want to be seen in a pic with me. So I can totally understand their concern. haha So I am dedicating an entry just for them... and by them, I mean Ashley and Amanda MacLeod...

I found this lovely pic of the two of us and am dedicating it to the beautiful Ash Mac... My lover-girl...

Me and Amanda never took a picture together (She was unfortunate... haha), so I had to create one... she is passionately looking into my eyes in this one!! :)

You girls didn't only make the cut, you made your own entry! That is SURE extra special!! I love you both like a moth to a flame... like a duck to water... like Bobby to tylenol!!!! And PS Manda... I ALMOST put that wonderful pic of you up (check Amy's blog to see it!), but I refrained... you can thank me later. haha

JOKE OF THE DAY: Where do you find a dog with no legs???

Don't know the answer??

Scroll down!

A bit more!

Are ya ready for it!

Answer: Right where you left it! A boom boom chhhik!

Cheers everyone! have a wonderful night!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Here is a few pics of Josh and Charisse's wedding! It was a FUN trip and a beautiful wedding! I'm glad we all got to go up... Here ya go!

Amy Mac and I!! That's the second pic of her and I on this blog! She is representin'!! haha

The Bride and Groom!! Mr. and Mrs. Cari!

Here they are again! Nice shoes Joshy-boy...

Leigh-Anne and I , pre-wedding shots... Waiting for the big moment.

Charisse pretending to be happy and excited after 100,000 pics!! She's just stretching her cheeks here... haha

Alisheroo and I!!!! ahhhh friends forever... :)

Timmy, Leigh, and I... Being all cute.

Here's a pic of all the handsome boys... Ok, only the ones in the wedding party at least. :)

Here's a pic of some of the bridesmaids! (I don't know any of them, but if you are like any other girl, you definately want to see what the dresses looked like!!!)

Alrighty, that's all for now. Hope to hear from ya'll sometime soon! Leave me a wee message and tell me how your doin! xoxoxoxo

Saturday, April 08, 2006

My Prince...


You walk into a ball. You are dressed up as beautiful as you can be. There are many girls that are more beautiful than you, but you, in your own way, are the most beautiful you could be. You notice the other girls. But then you decide to put that past you and dance. As you dance, the crowd slows down... it gets quiet. Everyone looks in the same direction, at the Prince, the one who owns everything. The one who holds all power. It is Him who is holding the most magnificant ball the world has ever known. As He passes, everyone watched and passing every other person in the room, the Prince stops at you. He looks at you. He can not stop staring. Your gaze is almost too bearable to stand. He looks away with such a love that He can not explain. Everytime He looks at you, He falls in love again. He respectfully holds out His hand and asks for the next dance. You look around wondering why He chose you out of all the beautiful girls around you, but then, you don't even care. Nothing exists except you and Him and this dance. This magical dance where two lovers are united, beginning something more beautiful than stories could ever explain, then songs could ever sing, than words could ever describe. You just dance... and stare with the deepest passion and desire imaginable and you wonder how it could ever be real. And you realize that it is real. That you were chosen. That your gaze wooed the Prince of all the world, that your love was his desire. That all He wants is you and He stays up all night with you running through His mind. Until He has you. Until He has His dance and can claim you as His forever. The most beautiful love relationship that has ever existed...
I just fell in love with my lover. With the one who makes all things make sense, the one who makes my world meaningful. He is why I was created. To love Him and Him, to love me. I am desired by my Prince Jesus.